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Chemwatch has been in search of long-term partner with outstanding technical skills in the following three areas: web and mobile apps development, QA, and Security audit. The main goal was to recreate old solution, make it extendable, bring UI/UX into new level.

New Chemwatch solution was launched after 4 months of partnership with Techcore.

After 4 months our team has released new solution which is based on modern (latest) technologies and extendable architecture. We have also accomplished migration data to new Amazon services.

Techcore participated in developing and testing of all modules of Chemwatch solution, providing suggestions on how to optimize all technical processes, performing once a year security audit by using Veracode. Basin on our advice the client made the decision to rewrite existing application using Xamarin. As a result, the client reduced costs on supporting two operation systems, speeded up development of new features and made releases more rapid.


Application functionality

Techcore worked with Chemwatch over the course of 7 years to develop a chemical safety managment platform

SDS Management Module

✅ Provides with the access to access to a collection of 50+ million SDS.
✅ Creates client’s own SDS folders and custom SDS library.
✅ Performs quick search collection for SDS, so user can add it to his own custom library in the application.
✅ Allows printing/mailing SDS on 47 languages for 90+ countries.
✅ Continuously updates and adds new SDS to the collection.

Risk Assessments Module

✅ Performs task-based control banding risk assessments.
✅ Displays single-page, colour-coded risk assessment reports.
✅ Reports are available in multiple languages.
✅ Allows making high customisation to ensure client get accurate risk assessments, meet his internal processes, and account for client's chemicals and tasks.

Labelling Module

✅ Creates customised label templates to suit client’s regulatory requirements, chemical and container.
✅ Comes with over 50 pre-loaded compliant label templates for local and global jurisdictions.
✅ Automatically populates label templates with chemical information.
✅ Allows print and save labels which were mainly designed to fit on standard label sheets and to work with specialised printers.

Assets Management Module (SISOT)

✅ Manages chemicals and related assets effectively.
✅ Allows to track every container as it arrives onsite through to disposal.
✅ Creates barcodes for affixing to chemical containers as well as the ability to generate. documentation such as waste contractor forms.
✅ Works in conjunction with other Chemwatch modules to give a comprehensive chemical management system.

Assets Management Mobile App

✅ Updates client’s chemical inventory and related information.
✅ Allows to scan chemical containers in or out of location.
✅ Performs synchronization with SISOT web module.
✅ Has ‘Reconciliation Mode’ - audit client’s chemicals and mark containers found or lost.
✅ Works in offline.

SDS Management Mobile app

✅ Allows access to all types of SDS from mobile device (original Vendor SDS, Emergency Response Information, Risk Assessment Reports, etc.).
✅ Allows to complete and update risk assessment reports.
✅ Allows to print and email SDS and reports.
✅ Allows cache reviewed SDS to work with them in offline.

AuthorITe Module

✅ AuthorITe is the easy way to create SDS for the products that client manufacture.
✅ Allows to complete SDS during 5 minutes.
✅ Supports 47 languages.
✅ Meets regulatory requirements for 80 countries.
✅ Allows to customise font and SDS length, and add company logo.

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